Why people are getting Sorted

 Stu and Jess 1

Stuart: “Being a young family means we’re thinking about how we can do the best for our baby, Ayesha. We’re starting to look ahead and plan for the future. We want to provide a secure home for our family to grow up in. We’re thinking about schools and even future family holidays. Of course, we hope we won’t get sick, or die, especially as we’re young and healthy right now, but you have to think that these things could happen, don’t you? Without my income, Jess would not have enough money to pay our rent or the bills. With our Sorted Life Insurance in place, we don’t have to worry about those things.”

Jess: “Stuart supports us financially because I decided to stay at home with Ayesha. We got Sorted Life Insurance as soon as we found out we were expecting our baby. We’re hoping to have more children in the future and it’s great to know that we’re covered in case anything happens to Stuart, and we can cover our children as well.”

Dave and deb 1

Dave: “I’m close to retiring and that got me thinking about the future. We wanted to make sure our children wouldn’t be worried about paying for our funeral costs and other bills when we’re gone. A Will Pack was also provided with our Policy, which was handy as we can now get that Sorted too.”

Deborah: “There were no blood tests or questions about our health. Now that we’re covered, it’s a weight off my mind.”

Nick and lynsday 1

Lyndsay: “You do hear stories in the news about accidents, whether it’s people being left seriously injured or even dying in an accident. Just last year, I heard about an old school friend of mine being involved in a car crash on the M1, and it really hit home.”

Nick: “We wanted to make sure we were covered if one of us was in an accident – we don’t want to worry about paying for things like the mortgage and living costs if one of us couldn’t work anymore or passed away in an accident. It’s a guaranteed acceptance Policy so there’s no medical or health questions – we knew we’d be accepted. We got a Joint Policy with £30,000 worth of Personal Accident Insurance each. Our monthly payment is less than £11.00 a month! It feels really good to have that Sorted.”